Gain Global is a network of action oriented supporters, investors and partners, commited to empowering starters in their journey to initiating new enterprises, that provides:
• know-how,
• network,
• investment capital,
• strategic advice and
• mentoring
to early-stage starters in order to help them achieve market success, leadership on creating positive change and impact in communities.

Gain Global increases the velocity of money and services into investing to address global challenges. Gain Global members commit to discover, evaluate, nurture and invest in enterprises, funds, and other financial products that are changing the world for the better.

Gain Global members are individual or corporate action oriented starters, supporters, investors and partners; investing in high-quality, early stage diverse opportunities, direct deals, in one or more asset classes and/or take an impact portfolio approach.  


The purpose of this network is to enhance the investment opportunities of its members, by providing forums for considering opportunities, by facilitating education for members, and by assisting in the formation, development, structuring and funding operation of early stage projects and companies.

The core mission of Gain Global is,
raising awareness in the field of entrepreneurship and creating an environment to facilitate transformation of business ideas into thriving companies through collaboration.

Gain Global values are;
• Trustable
• Simple
• Innovative
• Reliable
• Friendly
• Collaborative
• Sustainable 


Entrepreneurship is one key solution for todays Global Challenges. Entrepreneurs create value for everyone, by initiating a new project or entreprise. Start-up and expansion is one of the primary keys to economic development at the local level. In fact, many most successful companies were start-ups in their own right.

The goal of the Gain Global is to fill the gap between “friends and family” and traditional VC financing for companies, and support success stories after their initial process. Assistance and funding from Gain Global will allow a project and start-up to accomplish critical milestones that will make it attractive for a larger follow-on venture capital financing. 


Gain Global has a four class of members, and membership in the Corporation requires being or becoming a member of one or more Networks. Membership in the Gain Global is by invitation only and is extended to individuals and corporations who share the organization’s vision and are willing to actively contribute to the investment process.

Membership Classes
1. Starters
2. Supporters
3. Investors
4. Partner

The network will initially targeting by 2022, to set up 20 National Networks in 200 Local Communities and reach to 20.000 members, with a commitment of investing to project/companies per network each year. 


The organization shall be comprised of one or more separate operating entities named as CHAPTERS lead by a DIRECTOR and a TEAM of total 5 people in local level. CHAPTERS and PROJECTS will ve coordinated by a EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, named as Leader of the City and/or Region.

Gain Global provide awareness activities, administrative, meeting and deal flow management functions to its members.